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     The use of an “ALERT” call by any player is a method of drawing the opponent's attention to the fact that a particular bid by partner has a conventional or unusual meaning.   The word "alert" is said immediately after the conventional bid by partner and before the right hand opponent bids.   No explanation of the meaning of the conventional bid is then given unless requested by either opponents, each in turn, and only before their turn to bid.   If the explanation is incorrect it is improper for the bidder to correct the error or indicate in any manner that a mistake has been made.



Examples of Appropriate “Alert” Bidding Sequences


1. Jacoby Transfers    Transfer bidding over a NT opening by partner

          Example:  1NT    P   “2D” (ALERT)  The newest ACBL rulings have converted this particular 

                                                   communication to utilization of the word "TRANSFER" instead of "ALERT''


2. The Drury Convention  ‑ Utilization of an artificial  “2C” bid by a passed partner to determine the strength

    of a third or fourth position opening bid by his partner; i.e., whether it be a sub‑minimum opening hand or a 

    normal full opening hand:

                                         Example:      P    P   1H    P

                                    “2C”   (“Alert”)


      Then:   P    P    1H    P      (or)         P     P     1H     P

             “2C”  P   “2D”                     “2C”    P     2H        

                       “Alert”                          “Alert”


3.      If a partnership has the understanding that an opening bid of 1D guarantees at least four diamonds, than the opening bid of one diamond must be alerted as to the understood guarantee of at least four diamonds.  If alternatively an opening bid of 1C can be as few as two pieces it, likewise, must be alerted as to the possibility of being short.


4.      Negative Doubles no longer need to be alerted.   The newest ACBL rulings have converted this particular communication to utilization of the word "NEGATIVE" instead of "ALERT".


5.      All bids associated with the "DOPE" or the "DOP1" Conventions, Blackwood responses subsequent to interference bids by the opponents, also need to be alerted as well.


6.      Many other artificial bids and Conventions need be alerted such as, but not limited to, the Lebensohl Convention, Puppet Stayman, Gambling 3NT, New Minor Force, 4th Suit Force, Jordan Convention, Splinter Bids, and the Ogust Convention.