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Definition:  -   A convention that uses an ARTIFICIAL “2C” response by a PREVIOUSLY PASSED HAND 

        in response to a third-hand or fourth-hand opening of a Major suit by partner.   The responder must have    

         11-12 HCP’s; i.e., very nearly an opening bid, as well as primary support for partner’s Major suit.


          Examples:   P   P  lS(lH)  P        P   P    P  lH(lS)

                            “2C”                      P  “2C”


Purpose:   - To ask the opening bidder to clarify the strength of his/her opening bid; i.e., whether it be a 

       full (13-14 Points or better) or a sub‑minimum opening strength (11-12 Points) so as to seek  the    

        possibility of game WITHOUT OVER‑BIDDING.   The artificial “2C” bid GUARANTEES support;

        i.e., at least 3 cards for the opening bidder's Major suit.                    


                                  Example Hand:     Q852              P   P   1S   P                                              

                                                                 K864           “2C”  




Responses By The Opening Bidder:

a.      If opener had a sub‑minimum opening hand (11-12 HCPoints), the opener then rebids an artificial “2D” which signals less than a full opening HCP count.


              Example:       P      P       1H      P

                                 “2C”     P      “2D”   


Note:   The “2D” artificial response may never be passed by the Drury bidder.  If opener exhibits a sub-minimum hand by responding the artificial “2D” bid, responded can then return to 2 of the Major.


b.      If a full opening (13 or more) hand, opener rebids his/her major suit at the two (2) level if a 

      full opening hand (13‑14 points) ‑ or go directly the four (4) level if more than a full opening     

      hand; i.e., 15 HCpoints or more.


                 Examples:                   P       P       1H      P          (or)                 P      P      1S      P

                                                 “2C”     P        2H                                       “2C”   P      4S


Rebids By The Drury Bidder:

a.      If opener has signaled a full opening hand, the Drury bidder may then invite to game, or go 

      directly to the four (4) level if more than a minimum full opening hand.


              Examples:                   P        P       1S      P          (or)                 P       P      1S      P

                                               “2C”      P       2S      P                              “2C”     P      2S      P

                                                              3S       P         P      P                               4S      P        P      P


             b. If opener has signaled a sub‑minimum opening hand, the Drury bidder can then return to the  

                 agreed-upon suit at the two level or compete to the three level, if so desired.  


                             Examples:                P        P       1H       P                               P         P       1S      P

                                                            “2C”      P      “2D”      P        (or)               “2C”       P      “2D”    P

                                                                            2H       P         P       P                               2S       3H       P      P

                                                                                                                                             3S        P        P      P