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Definition:      -   Any Opening suit bid at the 2 Diamond level or beyond. (NOTE: 2 Clubs is reserved for  

                           a strong, artificial, and forcing bid.)


Purpose:         -  To preclude or, at the very least, inhibit the opponents from finding their presumed suit

                           fit, as well as their ability to find the proper level of play; a partial score, game or slam.


Restriction:     -  Usually denies having four or more cards in either Major suit if the pre‑empt is in a  

                           Minor suit, or four cards in the other Major suit if the pre‑empt is in a Major suit.


Requirements: - Several prerequisites must be met in ordeer for the hand to qualify for a valid pre-empt.


1.      The Vulnerability - Usually signifies an anticipated going down two tricks if one is vulnerable, or three tricks if one is not vulnerable. (To be later further qualified as in the Rule of 2-3-4)


2.      Requires an understanding of the scoring process in that one does not desire to give up more points under a sacrificing scenario than the opponents would normally have gleaned had they, unobstructed, gotten to their rightful contract, be it in a partial, game or slam contract.


3.      At the two (2) Level - Evidences:

a. At least a six (6) card suit

b. Usually a suit quality evidencing at least two of the top three honors if the  

    partnership understanding is that pre-emptive bids are "sound" as opposed to "light".

c. A strength of 5‑11 HCP's (MUST NOT BE MORE)

d. The high-card strength is confined mostly to the bid suit; i.e., no outside Ace.


At the three (3) Level or beyond - Evidences:

a. At least a seven (7) card suit or longer

      b. "sound" or "light" as above dependent upon partnership understanding

        c. Usually 8‑11 HCP's

      d. a high card strength as in "d" above




"RONF" (Raise‑Only‑Non‑Force) ‑ Partner may choose to increase the pre‑empt for all the same 

                purposes as listed above.   Any other bid than a raise in partner’s pre-emptive suit is forcing.

Example 1:   2NT asks for "outside feature" (an Ace or King in other than the suit bid)

                                        The Pre‑empter returns to bid suit with no feature.

                    Example 2:   A new suit asks for specific responses discussed in a later lesson.

                      Example 3:  "2NT” (Ogust Convention)  (1‑2‑1‑2‑3 Series) asking for both the strength of  

                                         the hand as well as the honor holding within the pre-emptive suit bid.