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     Many methods can be employed when an opponent has opened the bidding with a 1NT call and you, as the opposition, are interested in interfering with the bidding, or competing, by placing an overcall in either the direct or balancing positions.   Among others, these methods include Natural Bids, as well as the Brozel, Landy, Twerb, Capeletti and the D.O.N.T. Conventions.  



           Definition: ‑  A defense system used to overcall against an opening 1 NT bid by the opponents.   It may be 

                         used in either the direct or in the balancing position dependent upon partnership agreement. 

                         Many partnerships play it only in the direct position.


                                           Ex.   1NT   ???       (or)       1NT   P   P   ???


A.    “DOUBLE”  -      A take‑out double evidencing an equivalent or better hand as to both points and

                                   distribution; i.e., usually a balanced hand with 15‑17 HCP's.    Partner may opt to:         

(a)   pass and convert the double to a penalty double, or

(b)   bid a preference suit to play (partnerships can have an understanding that all bids are natural, or they can play front of card; i.e., Stayman and transfers be on, by mutual consent.

                                     Responder’s decision. as to (a), or (b) above depends upon Responder’s HCP’s,

                                     distribution, and the vulnerability.  The less HCP's responder has, the more imperative

                                     it be that responder must not pass, else the double stand as a penalty double.


B.    "2 C"                  A conventional artificial bid evidencing an unspecified one‑suited hand.  Responder

                                  must bid a "puppet" bid of "2D" allowing originating partner to then rebid his/her suit

                                  of choice (usually 6 pieces or more in length), 2H, 2S, 3C or Pass (for Diamond         

                                  selection)  to play.


C.    "2 D"                 A conventional artificial bid evidencing both majors, each one at least a 5‑card suit in

                                 length.   Responder  then chooses between the two by bidding either 2H or 2S.       

                                 Originator may then. either pass, invite to game, or bid game directly once responder

                                 has made his/her preferential selection.


D.    "2 H"                A conventional bid evidencing both a 5‑card or better heart suit and a 5‑card or

                                better unspecified Minor suit.   Partner passes if he/she likes the Heart suit, or bids an

                                artificial "2NT" to ask originating partner to bid his/her Minor suit of preference.


E.     "2 S"                A conventional bid evidencing both a 5‑card or better spade suit and a 5‑card or

                                better unspecified Minor suit.   Responses by the partner are as in D above.


F.     "2 NT"            A conventional artificial bid showing two 5‑card or better Minor suits   (So-Called 

                               "UNUSUAL NO TRUMP”).    Responder then chooses between Clubs or Diamonds

                                based upon his/her preference.