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A 2C opening bid is the only strong opening 2-Bid. All others, 2D, 2H and 2S, are weak and

pre-emptive (Refer to Lesson 3). The 2C opening bid is strong, Artificially Conventional, and is Forcing.



A. Requirements: Either: 1. With a Balanced Hand: (22‑24 HCP's) (Ex. AKQX AQX AXX KJX)

(Refer to Lesson 1) (25‑27 HCPs ) (Ex. AKJX AKX AJX AQX)

2. With an Unbalanced Hand: (Refer to Lessons 2 & 7)

25 HCP's with a good 5‑Card suit (Ex. AKQXX AKXX AKQ X)

23 HCPs with a good 6‑Card suit (Ex. AKJXXX AKX KJX A)

21 HCP's with a good 7‑Card suit (Ex. AQJXXXX KQX AKQ)


Either of the two types of above-listed hands are opened "2C. Partner may not Pass. The differentiation as to which of the above‑listed, two types of hands is disclosed to the responding partner by openers rebid.



B. Rebids By Opener:


1. With a Balanced Hand: Rebid NT at cheapest available level.

2. With an Unbalanced Hand: Rebid the preferred 5‑, 6‑, or 7‑Card suit at the cheapest level.



C.    Responses of Partner To "2C Opening Bid Responder may not pass. The "2C" opening bid is forcing

upon the partnership to either 2NT or 3 of a suit.


1.      0‑7 HCP's ‑ Bid "2D" - (FIRST NEGATIVE RESPONSE ) - Is Artificial; i.e., says nothing about

the Diamond suit. (Remember, bidding is forced at least to 2NT)

2.      8-9 HCP"s ‑ Bid either: (1) 2H, 2S, or 3C (POSITIVE RESPONSE) - evidences a 5‑Card suit.

(Game guaranteed) Opening bidder will then disclose his/her hand as to

either a suit (unbalanced) or NT (balanced) orientation and the bidding

is then kept open by both partners until game is reached.

(2)   2NT (POSITIVE RESPONSE ) - A default bid in the absence of

5‑Card Heart, Spade or Club holding. The opening "2C bidder then

takes control until game is reached.

3.      9+ or more HCP's ‑ Jump the bidding into preferred suit or NT revealing Slam probabilities.

Opening "2C bidder then takes control.


D.    The Second Response (Rebid) by The Responder to a "2C" Opening Bid ‑ Remember, the bidding must be

kept open until at least the 2NT level.


a. 0‑4 HCP's ‑ Rebid "2NT" over openers 2H or 2S rebid DOUBLE NEGATIVE RESPONSE or Pass if opener rebids 2NT. (Remember, Opening "2Cforces to "2NT".) Opening 2C" bidder then takes control.

b.      5-7 HCP's ‑ Rebid anything other than "2NT (Double negative) to show point count. Game is probable. Either support partner's suit or bid your own best suit; i.e., whichever is your longest. Opening "2C bidder then takes control. (Game is usually likely)