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There are nine (9) scenarios that are likely to produce slam conditions. Before slam bidding is attempted, however, the partnership must first determine that it has both sufficient assets to win 12 or 13 tricks in its best designated suit, and side suit controls such that the opponents cannot run two quick tricks. The partnership can accomplish this either through cue-bidding showing their Ace and King controls, or else via either the Gerber or Blackwood Ace-asking Conventions. The nine scenarios likely to produce Slam (assuming that a misfit is not present) are as follows:


1. An opening hand of 13 points or more held by responder who faces an opener who has jump-shifted on

his/her first re-bid evidencing 19 or more Points.

Example: 1H P 1S P (or) 1C P 1H P

3C/3D 2S

1.      A first round jump-shift by responder (19 Points or more) facing an opening bid by partner.


Example: 1D P 2S P (or) 1H P 3C P


3. An opening hand by responder facing an opening bid which has been followed by a jump into No Trump

evidencing 18-19 HCPs.

Example: 1H P 1S P (or) 1H P 2D P


4. A 4NT or 5NT response to an opening 1NT bid.


Ex: 1NT P 4NT P = Asks opener to pass with 15 and to bid 6NT with 17‑18.

1NT P 5NT P = Demands 6NT with 15 and 7NT with 17‑18 by opener.


5. A response of 3NT (16‑18 HCP's) opposite a greater than minimum (16 points or more) opening bid.


EX. 1H (16 points or more) 3NT (16‑18 HCP's)


6. A Cue‑bid of the opponents suit after agreement as to trump has been reached, guarantees game and invites

partnership to explore for slam.


EX. 1H 1S 2S


7. A Cue‑bid of a new suit after game level has been reached in an agreed‑upon suit.


EX. 1H P 1S P

4S P 5C


8. A jump-shift response (10 or more HCPs) to an opening 2C bid.


Example: 2C P 3H P


9. A Bid of 5NT (Grand Slam Force) forces 6 of the agreed-upon suit with less than two of the top three

honors, and 7 of the agreed-upon suit with two of the top three honors.


Example: 1D P 1S P

4S P 5NT