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General Thoughts: ‑ Do not rush to rescue your partner who has overcalled in a suit to your disliking, especially when you have nothing of any real value of your own.  Do not, without good reason, rush to rescue a partner who has been doubled for penalties.  Better to pass quickly without consternation thereby avoiding conveying the idea to your adversaries that you are in trouble.   Rescue a doubled partner only if you can be reasonably certain that your suit may be better than his/hers, and that you have considered that your rescue bid may take your team to the next bidding level thereby increasing your trick commitment.   It is sometimes better to swallow the bitter pill and let your overcalling partner go down in a contract of his/her choosing, than to go flying off in a rescuing venture which is, potentially, even more disastrous.


Types of Responsive Actions to Overcalls


1. RAISES ‑ A simple raise of partner's overcalled suit shows:

         a. At least a 3‑card support (Partner has overcalled with at least a five‑card suit).

         b. a HCP count of less than an opening bid (implied is that under no circumstances can this combination 

             produce a game if overcaller has no more than a simple overcall).


                  Examples:         1H   1S   P   2S         (or)   1H   1S   2C   2S



2. NO TRUMP RESPONSES ‑ Constructive in nature showing:

a.      Little interest for partner's overcalled suit

b.      At least one stopper in opponent's bid suit(s)

c.      8‑12 HCP's at the one‑level, and 13‑14 HCP's at the two‑level

d.      A necessary variance to the above with both the vulnerability and the level of the response.


            Example:             1H     1S    P  1NT



3.      SUIT TAKE -OUTS (a change of partner's overcalled suit) ‑ Is usually non‑forcing upon partner and shows a good 5‑card suit of his/her own at the one‑level and a 6‑card suit at the two level.


                 Examples:          1C   1H   P   1S        (or)        1D   1S    2D    2H


Note:  ‑ When there is a choice between showing your own suit and supporting your partner's overcall, if your 

             partner has bid a Major suit, by all means support him/her rather than search for a fit in a Minor suit

             of your own.   If, on the other hand, your partner has bid a Minor suit, then try your own Major suit if 

             your hand is sufficiently strong as to have had an independent overcall of your own.



4. CUE‑BID ‑ An artificial bid of the opponents first bid suit showing:

         a. Trump support for partner's overcalled suit

b.      At least an opening bid such that partnership has game likelihood if overcaller also has an opening bid.


                     Examples:           1D    1H    P    2D            (or)     1C   1H    1S     2C