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Requirements: (Things to consider)

a. Count only high card points (do not count distribution)

b. Must have an evenly balanced hand; i.e., no voids, no singletons, and not more than one

doubleton. Examples: 4‑3‑3‑3, 4‑4‑3‑2, 5-3-3-2

c. If the distribution is 5‑3‑3‑2, the 5-card suit must not be a Major suit (Hearts or Spades)

d. The entire system is based upon 26 HCP's = Game, 33 HCP's = Small Slam,

and 37 HCP's = Grand Slam


Point count: (High Card Points Only)

a. 0-10 HCPs - Pass

b. 11-14 HCPs - Bid one of a Minor and rebid 1NT

c. 15-17 HCPs - Bid 1NT

d. 18-20 HCPs - Open one of a minor and jump to 2NT with 18 or 19 HCPs --- 3NT with 20 HCPs

e. 21-22 HCPs - Bid 2NT

f. 23-24 HCPs - Open 2C and rebid 2NT

g. 25-27 HCPs - Open 2C and jump to 3NT on your rebid


Special Circumstances: - GAMBLING 3NT - A gambling pre-emptive game try.

a.      Requirement - a >7-card self‑sufficient (AKQXXXX) Minor suit (Clubs or Diamonds)

b.      Response by partner - If partner has stoppers in both Majors and two (2) quick

tricks or better, he (she) passes. Alternatively partner bids 4C and opener either passes or corrects to 4D (his/her preferred 7-card Minor) in order to escape the doomed 3NT contract.


Responses to Opening 1 No Trump: (Only HCPs count)

a.      0- 8 HCPs - Pass

b.      9-10 HCPs - Bid 2NT (Invites opener to game - Opening 1NT bidder passes with a

minimum of 15 HCPs and goes to 3NT with a maximum of 16-17 HCPs)

c.      11-15 HCPs - Bid 3NT

d.      16-17 HCPs - Bid 4NT (Invites opener to 6NT - Opening 1NT bidder passes with a

minimum of 15 HCPs and goes to 6NT with a maximum of 16-17 HCPs)

Note: - 4NT in this scenario is not the Blackwood Convention asking for Aces; rather it is a

quantitative bid seeking Slam. If partner desires to ask for Aces, the Gerber (4C)

Convention must be used.

e.      18-19 HCPs - Bid 6NT

f.       20-21 HCPs - Bid 5NT (Invites partner to Small or Grand Slam - Opening 1NT bidder bids

6NT with a minimum of 15 HCPs and bids 7NT with a maximum of

16-17 HCPs)

g.      22-23 HCPs - Bid 7NT