Advanced Bridge


Lesson 24


The “Sandwich” No Trump Bid



     A “Sandwich” No Trump Bid is a NT bid showing a two-suited hand, usually at least 5-5, made between two bidding opponents.   It evidences both as-yet unbid suits and is, usually, of weaker strength (Example 1) than is a Take-out Double, in the same position (Example 2).  A Sandwich No Trump call is analogous to a weak Take-out Double.  It is both artificial and alertable.


                   North        East       South       West


                    1D          Pass        1S         ????



     You (West) Hold the Following:


   1. X         (Make a Take-out Double!   You have both shape; i.e., both

      KQXXX       unbid suits, and good opening count.)





   2. X         (Make a “Sandwich” No Trump Take-out call! – You have the

      QJXXX       shape for a Take-out, but your hand is too weak.)




























    - 60 -