Advanced Bridge


Lesson 23




     NAMYATS” is an artificial convention in which an opening bid of “4C” promises a long Heart suit and an opening bid of “4D” promises a long Spade suit.   As most frequently used, these bids evidence a hand stronger than a direct opening of four of the Major which remains preemptive (Example 1).


           Example 1:       AJXXXXXX   (Open 4S – Preemptively)

          North Holds:      QX





     Responder usually accepts the transfer by bidding four of Opener’s Major suit, else, by partnership agreement, can retransfer by bidding the next higher suit (Example 2).   All NAMYATS bids are artificial and alertable.



           Example 2:      AX

          North Holds:     AKQJXXX




                   North        East       South       West


                 “4C” (1)        P        “4D” (2)      P


                    4H           P               


(1)    A strong 4 Heart opening (one trick short of Game)

(2)    A retransfer to Hearts



     To defend against NAMYATS, players have two choices.  Either is appropriate subject only to partnership agreement.   A double of the first artificial bid can either be used as a lead directing double, or, a slightly better usage of a take-out for the other Major suit (Example 3).   A delayed double, however, is natural and used for penalties (Example 4).


                            North             East         


     Example 3:           “4D” (3)     “Double” (4 or 5)


(3)    A strong 4 Spade opening (one trick short of Game)

(4)    Lead-Directing for Diamonds, else

(5)    A Take-out of Opener’s Major, usually for the alternate Major


                            North        East        South        West       


     Example 4:           “4C” (6)        P         “4D” (7)       P

                            4H (8)    Double (9)


(6)    A strong 4 Heart opening (one trick short of Game)

(7)    A Retransfer to Hearts

(8)    Natural

(9)    A Penalty Double



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