Advanced Bridge


Lesson 21


Inverted Minor Raises



DEFINITION: - A deviation from standard bidding practices for showing support for an opening bid of one of either Minor suit, Clubs or Diamonds.


A single raise is strong and forcing (10 or more HCPs) (Example 1), while a double raise is weak and obstructive (Example 2). This combination of a reversal of bids from standard bidding allows more room for investigation with good hands while, concurrently, offering a preemptive effect with weak hands.


When using Inverted Minors, if the opponents intervene over the opening bid, it is a matter of partnership understanding whether or not the use of this inversion is still in effect.


Inverted Minor bids are alertable.



Example 1: You, South, hold:

North South AXX (A bid of 2C shows support

1C P 2C KX with invitational or

XXX greater strength)




Example 2: You, South, hold:

North South KXX (A bid of 3C is preemptive)

1C P 3C XX






VARIATION: - Many tournament players modify the above system in order to cover three types of support (forcing, invitational, and preemptive) for a Minor suit opening. In this variation, a jump bid in the Minor is, as above, preemptive; but a jump shift into the other Minor suit (Examples 1 & 2) is invitational showing 11-12 HCPs, and a simple raise to the 2-level in the original Minor (Example 3) is evidencing 13 or more HCPs and is game-forcing.





-          55



Example 1: You, South, hold:

North South AXX (A jump shift into the

1C P 2D KX opposing Minor suit shows

XXX invitational support for

KJXXX the original Minor suit)



Example 2: You, South, hold:

North South AXX (Invitational support for

1D P 3C KX Diamonds)






Example 3: You, South, hold:

North South AXX (Game forcing support for

1C P 2C XX Openers Club suit)


























- 56 -